Những mẫu nhà đẹp (Nhà vườn, nhà 2 tầng, nhà ống) 2023

Everyone dreams of living in a modern, trendy, luxurious house with full amenities. Depending on your financial conditions, area, etc., it may not need to be too spacious, but you can still design everything to your liking. Check out the house models now [Nhà vườn] [Mẫu nhà 2 tầng] [Mẫu nhà ống] The most beautiful below.

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What is a beautiful house model?

A beautiful house model needs to meet the following factors:

Architecture: A beautiful house model must have a harmonious, balanced architecture, creating a feeling of comfort and ease for the viewer. The architecture of the house needs to suit the homeowner’s lifestyle and the climatic and geographical conditions of the construction area.

Function: A beautiful house model must have scientific functionality and meet the family’s daily needs. Each functional room in the house needs to be arranged reasonably and convenient for movement and use.

Feng shui: A beautiful house model needs to ensure feng shui elements, bringing luck and fortune to the homeowner. When designing a house, you need to pay attention to the direction of the house, color, construction materials, etc. to suit the homeowner’s destiny.

Popular house models today in 2023

Below are some beautiful house models that are popular today:

Level 4 house: Level 4 house model is a popular house model in Vietnam, suitable for families with limited economic conditions. Level 4 house models often have simple architecture, flexible uses, and are suitable for many families.

Tube house: The tube house model is a popular house model in big cities, suitable for small plots of land. Tube house models often have modern architecture, optimizing usable area.

Villa house: Villa house model is a high-end house model, suitable for families with abundant economic conditions. Villa models often have luxurious and classy architecture, providing a comfortable and convenient living space for the homeowner.

The most beautiful tube house model of 2023

What is a tube house?

A tube house is a house style built in a rectangular tube shape, with a modest width, more limited than its length. This is also a typical design in cities to meet housing needs in situations where land areas are narrow in width and located close together.

Compared to many other house models, tube houses are simply designed, not too complicated, quick to construct, saving both cost and time. Nowadays, architects also know how to “inspire” tube house models to become more beautiful, luxurious, and sophisticated. You can choose 1-storey tube house, 2-storey tube house with 1 tum, 3-storey tube house,…

Standards of beautiful tube houses

Because everyone has their own aesthetic taste, it is difficult to give a unified opinion on the concept of a beautiful tube house. However, based on the characteristics of a modern tube house, we can still give some basic standards for the perfect model:

– Suitable area

As analyzed above, tube houses are built to meet housing needs in situations with limited land area. Normally, the facade area of ​​a beautiful house ranges from 4 – 6m, while the ideal length is 15 – 20m.

– Sunlight, wind direction

Because the area is quite limited, tube houses often prioritize height or build additional skylights. The purpose is for the tube house to receive wind and natural light. This is also the standard to determine whether a tube house model is beautiful or not.

– Reasonable construction costs

If you choose this type of house, you will save more money than other models.

– Can be expanded and built in the future

One of the advantages of tube houses is that you can add more floors when you qualify. For example, a family can build a 1-story tube house, but in the following years, if they want to upgrade to a 2 or 3-story tube house, it is still easy. To make the process easier later, when building a tube house, you need to: build a solid foundation when stacking floors, leave steel waiting on the roof, design a flat roof and unsealed elevator shaft.

– Rooms can be used together

Because tube houses are a bit tight and narrow, the rooms are usually not too separate but can easily be used together. If you divide more rooms, separating them with walls will make the area even more cramped. For example, the living room is connected to the dining room, the office is located in the bedroom…

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beautiful house model 3 beautiful house model 4 beautiful house model 5 beautiful house model 6 beautiful house model 7 beautiful house model 8 beautiful house model 9 beautiful house model 10

Beautiful garden house model

What is a garden house?

A garden house is a small house of about 100 square meters, with simple architecture, usually only 1 floor high and built on a land area of ​​about 1,000 square meters to hectares to grow fruit trees and raise livestock.

Nowadays, a part of people with higher wave conditions often choose resort spaces near the city with garden houses. Thanks to that, it is not only easy to relax and gather with friends but also increase self-sufficient production of clean food for the family.

Standard model of beautiful garden house

To have a beautiful garden house model, you should also rely on some of the criteria below to help everything become perfect.

– Determine the purpose before designing

A garden house is not simply a place to live, but also an ideal space for rest and relaxation after a tiring day of work. Therefore, garden house architecture always ensures proper function and harmony with nature. In addition to building basic rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, etc., the space needs to have a garden displaying miniature landscapes, flowers, etc.

– Determine the location to build the house

To ensure accuracy and ventilation for the project, before starting construction, you need to determine the correct center of the land to arrange the villa behind. The land used to build a villa should be low in front and high in the back, creating a solid position for the house.

– Feng Shui

Feng shui is a very important factor that greatly influences when building a house. You should pay attention to wind direction and water force because they affect the fortune and health of family members. When starting to design a house, the architect will research carefully to understand the correct location, climate, weather, wind direction, soil, and plan the appropriate arrangement of trees. In the back of the garden, you should choose trees and build a pond properly. Avoid planting large trees in front of the house as this will reduce exposure to natural light.

– Garden villa design style

Design style helps your garden have a different look and affirms your sophisticated aesthetic taste. Usually, families still choose 3 main design styles: classic, modern and neoclassical. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose the style you like.

– Build a garage within the villa grounds

The area for parking garage construction should be chosen on fairly flat land, not too steep or too low to avoid sudden ups and downs or sharp turns of the car. You should choose a location for the garage close to the house to ensure convenience for movement.

– Location of rooms

The rooms in the beautiful garden house model do not have any specific design standards. However, you need to note a few issues:

  • Living room: Should be designed squarely, avoiding sharp corners. Do not make the hallway run straight into the living room. Make sure to provide adequate light and ventilation for the living room.
  • Kitchen: Do not place in the center of the house, avoid facing the bathroom area. Avoid facing the main door because they will create disturbance to the health of members.
  • Bedroom: You need to ensure quiet, limit noise, and have a feeling of ventilation. According to feng shui, East and Southeast are two good directions to arrange a bedroom for the homeowner. Don’t display too much furniture, causing stuffiness and affecting sleep quality.

– Location of ponds and gardens

Proper arrangement of gardens and ponds will contribute to increasing aesthetics, creating closeness and harmony with nature. Normally, homeowners rely on the overall area of ​​the house and common grounds to arrange these areas appropriately. In the garden, there are a few small landscapes, trees, fish ponds, etc., in appropriate balance with color and general shape.

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Beautiful 2-storey house model

2-storey houses are the architecture chosen by many people in both urban and rural areas. They have functions and costs suitable for the income level of a large part of the Vietnamese people.

A 2-storey house usually consists of 1 ground floor and 1 upper floor, sometimes adding a mezzanine on top. The area of ​​a 2-storey house built on a ground with a length of at least 10m and a width of 3.5 – 4m is reasonable. Architects design 2 – 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 living room and 2 bathrooms.

Beautiful 2-storey house model with townhouse

The 2-story townhouse brings a sense of privacy when the children’s room and bedroom are located on the upper floor, away from the living area. In addition, the living space of a 2-story house is also more comfortable and you can easily divide it into as many functional rooms as desired.

To design a 2-storey townhouse, you should comply with the following standards:

– Area: Not less than 4.5m frontage and area not less than 45m2. Construction density is taken according to regulations on construction planning.

– Setback distance: Comply with construction boundaries and red line boundaries. The minimum setback depends on the height of the building and the width of the right-of-way. The front of the house adjacent to the street must have a garden area and a minimum setback of 2.4m.

– To ensure visibility and safe traffic for vehicles on the road, houses on street corners must be beveled according to regulations.

– Architecture ensures suitability for use, suitable for each family’s socio-economic conditions, climatic conditions, weather, etc.

– Requirements for the height of the foundation, steps, and parking tracks. For houses on the street, the sidewalk level must be at least 150mm. As for plots of land without clear sidewalks, the floor must be at least 300mm higher than the road surface.

– Color: Choose a color tone that is harmonious and compatible with the homeowner’s fate. Don’t be too greedy and patch your house with many colors because it will make it more confusing and out of place.

beautiful house model 21

beautiful house model 22 beautiful house model 23 beautiful house model 24

Beautiful 2-storey house model with villa

Two-storey villa models also make many people admire their luxury, modernity, and sophistication. Refer to the standards now to get the most beautiful space for the whole family.

– Living room

This is the “heart” of the house, so it needs to be arranged scientifically and aesthetically. The standard of living room space is usually from 20 – 25m2, or 25 – 30m2 for regular villas, over 40m2 for large villas and garden areas.

– Kitchen

It needs to be designed to create a warm, bright feeling and connect family members. If the house space is narrow, it is necessary to create a skylight to get natural air to help regulate the house. In addition, the direction of the kitchen is also very important. You should set the kitchen according to the homeowner’s age to help business prosper and bring fortune into the house.

– Feng Shui

The number of stairs per floor needs to be in the Birth (4N + 1) or Old (4N + 2) palace, where N belongs to the set of natural numbers.

Regarding the main door, it is necessary to attract vitality into the house. The size of the main entrance to the house and the doors to the dining room, kitchen, bedroom, worship room, and living room must be based on the ruler of the good palaces (Tai Loc, Luc Hop, Tien Bao, Hy Su,… ).

– Bedroom

Depending on the number of family members, the number of bedrooms is arranged in many different ways. However, it is necessary to ensure functionality and privacy for each individual.

One thing to note when arranging the bedroom space is that the bed should not be placed above the kitchen if the house has many floors. The bathroom and WC should not be placed above the kitchen because according to the concept of water and fire, it is not good.

– Another factor

You should pay attention to the direction of the stairs, materials used, windows, landscape, gate direction, gate size so that good air flow in the house is always maintained and not overwhelmed by bad air. In addition, if designing a garden and miniature landscape system, it is necessary to ensure aesthetic factors.

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beautiful house model 28


There are many beautiful house models from tube houses to 2-story houses or garden houses and villas for you to choose from. Hopefully the above useful information will be an important suggestion to help everyone soon plan to build the most perfect home for themselves!

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