Mùa hè ăn gì ngon? Món ăn ngon giải nhiệt cho mùa hè

Summer has come with sultry temperatures that last for many days, making people feel tired and lose their appetite. At this time, there is a great need for women to prepare the most delicious and refreshing summer dishes for the whole family to enjoy. If you are wondering what is delicious to eat in the summer? Then please refer to NONAZ’s list of 101 delicious summer dishes that are more cool and beautiful.

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delicious summer food 1

Delicious summer food – appetizers

Appetizers at the beginning help gradually stimulate your appetite, making you feel comfortable and light for the main dishes. If you are looking for delicious summer dishes, learn about some typical appetizers below.

Chicken salad mixed with Vietnamese coriander

Chicken salad mixed with laksa leaves is always a recipe that many women love because of its simple method and irresistible flavor. The chicken is delicious, chewy, and when shredded, it absorbs the flavor of the lemon fish sauce even more. You can combine it with some chicken gizzards to make it more crispy and delicious. A few pieces of coriander picked with the leaves intact still retain a moderately strong aroma. If you have this dish, you’re guaranteed to run out of rice no matter what.

delicious summer food 2

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Salad is a delicious summer dish loved by many children. Maybe they don’t like to eat vegetables, but just combine them with a few other ingredients and spices and everything will be great. Not only that, salad also helps clear heat, prevent boredom, and provides many vitamins and fiber. Women can easily prepare it with tuna salad, fruit salad…all are so attractive.

delicious summer food 3

Jellyfish salad

If you are looking for a delicious summer dish that is both refreshing and nutritious, jellyfish salad will definitely be in the top spot. This dish has simple main ingredients such as jellyfish, sliced ​​green mango, cucumber, carrots and mixed with flavorful chili garlic fish sauce. The crunchiness and toughness of jellyfish served with fresh vegetables helps make the hot summer no longer a concern.

delicious summer food 4

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Crab claw vegetables mixed with beef

Crab and beef salad is a familiar, delicious, attractive appetizer that makes you crave it. This is also a dish that brings a very cool and delicious flavor to the dinner table on hot summer days. If you are struggling to know how to change dishes for the whole family in the middle of a hot summer, try it now.

Crab claw vegetables mixed with beef

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Delicious summer dish – main dish

During daily meals or entertaining guests, the main dish usually has 2-3 dishes such as stewed meat, fried fish, stir-fried chicken… Below are some delicious and attractive suggestions for the whole family to enjoy.

Pork belly rolled with enoki mushrooms

Oh, just hearing about pork belly rolled with enoki mushrooms makes my mouth water. One of the delicious summer dishes that women cannot miss has an extremely delicious and attractive flavor. Each piece of tender meat wrapped with irresistibly sweet enoki mushrooms. In addition to the above dish, you can learn how to make beef rolls with enoki mushrooms and cheese, beef rolls with mushrooms and green pepper sauce…

delicious summer food 5

Fried ribs with garlic sauce

Fried ribs with garlic sauce is a favorite dish of many women and is especially loved by children. Juicy and rich pork ribs marinated with fragrant sweet and salty garlic sauce. The inside is soft, the outside is crispy, just call it delicious. It’s so delicious when eaten with rice and it’s even better as a snack.

delicious summer food 6

Braised duck with vegetables

Duck meat is also a favorite food of many people and can be turned into an extremely delicious summer dish. Duck meat has cold properties so it is suitable for the hot season, helping to cool down and provide necessary nutrients for the body. You combine more vegetables such as potatoes, taro, green beans… to make the braised meat dish with vegetables more flavorful.

delicious summer food 7

Grilled chicken

If you like a more unique and new dish for the whole family, you can try grilled chicken with rich, sour and extremely attractive chao. Grilled chicken with chao has the characteristic aroma of red chao, slightly spicy, with crispy skin on the outside, sweet and soft on the inside. Pay attention to the processing area. Depending on your family’s taste, add or reduce the amount of soy sauce to suit your taste. This is also a delicious summer dish that you should not miss.

delicious summer food 8

Chicken with Japanese Teriyaki sauce

Teriyaki chicken with Japanese sauce is also the perfect choice for days when you have guests coming to your house. Teriyaki sauce is made according to a standard Japanese culinary recipe with a natural delicious taste mixed with a little sweet and a little salty, bringing a completely new experience to everyone.

delicious summer food 9

Steamed fish rolled in beer

Among delicious summer dishes, steamed fish rolls with beer are definitely indispensable in weekend meals. The fish is cleaned and marinated with spices first. Then you put the fish in and steam it with beer, it’s too attractive. This dish is perfect to eat with sweet and sour tamarind sauce and raw vegetables.

delicious summer food 10

Salmon sour hotpot

Whenever you have a lot of time, you can make sour salmon hotpot to entertain the whole family. This delicious summer dish is not difficult to make at all. Adding a little sourness from the hot pot sauce is great. The main ingredients you need to prepare are salmon head, tomatoes, herbs, mint… mixed together in a pot. Especially if you add a little fresh bamboo shoots, it will be even more flavorful.

delicious summer food 11

Field crab hotpot

Not sour hot pot, but crab hot pot is also one of the perfect choices for weekends or hot days. Crab soup is cool and sweet, when eaten with spinach, banana, luffa… it is nutritious, clears heat and is good for the digestive system.

delicious summer food 12

Delicious summer dish – soup

In the hot summer, a bowl of cool, sweet soup is definitely indispensable. Are you still wondering what delicious soup to cook in the summer? If so, don’t miss the quick and delicious soup recipes below.

Crab soup cooked with vegetables

Crab soup is a delicious rustic dish that every family loves. People often say that crab soup eaten with salted eggplant is the perfect taste, but I’m often more interested in vegetables cooked with crab soup, because Not all vegetables are suitable for cooking with crab soup. Among them are crab soup cooked with spinach, sour jute soup, crab soup cooked with luffa,…

What's delicious to eat in summer - crab soup

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Boiled spinach

Among popular dishes made from spinach, boiled spinach is probably the simplest and fastest way to make it. In the hot summer, if you don’t know what soup to cook, boil water spinach right away, add vegetable juice and add crocodile fruit, there’s nothing better. The rice tray is supplemented with a bowl of salted eggplant, grilled pork belly, and a plate of surf tofu, which is perfect.

What to eat deliciously in summer - Boiled water spinach

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Malabar spinach cooked with shrimp and meat

Malabar spinach cooked with shrimp and meat is always ranked among the most delicious summer dishes with simple ingredients and operations. Not only that, they also help cool you down extremely well as they contain lots of vitamin C, fiber, and minerals. Peel the shrimp you buy, take out only the meat and then chop it with pork. You add the shrimp, meat and water to boil first, then add the spinach. Adjust seasoning to taste and you’re done.

delicious summer food 13

Bitter melon soup stuffed with meat

Bitter melon is also a frequently used ingredient in dishes, one of which is bitter melon soup stuffed with meat. Besides, bitter melon is considered a good medicine, can cool and detoxify, and is especially effective for people with mouth ulcers. Don’t miss out on a delicious and nutritious summer dish like this. Method is also very simple. Cut the bitter melon into pieces and take out all the intestines. As for the meat you buy, wash it, chop it, marinate it with a little pepper, seasoning powder, soup powder, mix it with chopped shiitake mushrooms and wood ear mushrooms. Then you stuff the meat mixture into the bitter melon intestines. If there is bone broth or chicken broth, it will be even more delicious. Add the bitter melon stuffed with meat and cook for about 15 minutes, season to taste, add herbs and onions and you’re done.

delicious summer food 14

Sour clam soup

Looking for a delicious summer dish that is both sweet and sour, sweet and refreshing, sour clam soup is the “top of the top”. They have a very good cooling effect and are so simple to make. Even if you are clumsy, you can still make this dish successfully. When you buy clams, wash them and soak them in rice water and a few slices of chili to loosen all the dirt. Then boil it, separate the meat, and put it in a separate bowl. Let the clam boiling water settle and only get clear water.

You cut the tomatoes into segments, put them in the pot and stir-fry first, then add the clams, season with fish sauce and salt. Then add the clam juice and cook together. You can also add a little chopped pineapple or dracontomelon to increase the acidity, and add seasoning to taste. Then, add green onions and chopped coriander and set aside.

delicious summer food 15

Sour fish soup

Sour fish soup is also a favorite dish of many families in the summer. You can buy red tilapia, carp, snakehead fish… as the main ingredients. The fish you buy, butcher, and wash. If you don’t have time, ask the fish seller to cut it into bite-sized pieces. With the mosquito net, you peel off the skin, wash it, cut it into short pieces and soak it in diluted salt water, then take it out and let it drain. You saute the onions first, add the diced tomatoes and stir-fry first. Then add spices and salt. Next, add the broth, adding tamarind or pineapple juice to increase the extremely attractive sourness. You add the fish and continue to cook. Wait until it’s cooked, then take the fish out and set aside, put the net in and bring to a boil, add the fish back in, add the herbs and onions and remove from heat.

delicious summer food 16

Mussel soup cooked with bottle gourd

Among delicious summer dishes, mussel soup cooked with bottle gourd is also very attractive for the whole family to enjoy. According to Oriental medicine, mussel meat has a sweet and salty taste, cold properties, and has laxative, ventilation, heat-clearing, detoxifying, and diuretic effects. You soak the mussels in rice water along with a few slices of fresh chili to help the mussels release dirt. Then you boil it until cooked, then decant the mussel broth and serve the meat. Boil the mussel broth until it boils, then add the sliced ​​gourd until the water is clear and no longer cloudy, then add finely chopped onions and dill. Put cooking oil in the pan, sauté onion and mussel meat, and season to taste. Wait until the soup is complete, put it in a bowl, put the mussel meat on top and it’s done.

delicious summer food 17

Mushroom soup

Mushroom soup is also a delicious summer dish that is extremely cooling. You can use different types of mushrooms according to your family’s preferences such as enoki mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms. Put a pot of water on the stove, add sliced ​​carrots and boil first. Then add the shiitake mushrooms and cook for about 5 minutes. Next comes soft tofu and enoki mushrooms. You add seasoning to taste, add onion and sliced ​​green onion. Boil the water again and enjoy immediately. Mushrooms contain many special nutrients for the body with the ability to increase resistance, cool down, and detoxify extremely well.

delicious summer food 18


When you’re wondering: What’s delicious and cool to eat in the summer? We have suggested for the whole family delicious summer dishes that are both delicious, cool, and nutritious, suitable for everyday meals or when there are distinguished guests at home. Summer is also the time when people have the least appetite, so ladies, pay attention to changing the menu regularly to help everyone improve their health. Suggesting delicious dishes will help you save maximum cooking time. You don’t have to rack your brain and think about “What to eat today” or “What to eat tonight”. I wish you success!

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